Pneumatic Tube Spinner

Pnematic Tube Removal Spinner


‘Tube Spinner’ is a Pneumatic Tube Extraction tool made by Tritorc that uses a simple gear based device to pull/extract tubes out of tube sheets. It works in conjunction with the ‘Master Tugger’ Hydraulic Power pack and the Hydraulic Tube Gun to remove and provide a certain length of the extracted tube to the ‘Tube Spinner’ to fix itself on and rapidly remove the tube.

  • Pulling rolls are made from tool steel and hardended for extended life.
  • High quality, strength construction body is made from aircraft grade aluminium.
  • Fully Sealed bearings guarantee thousands of hours trouble free operation!

Pneumatic Tube Removal Spinner Specification

There are many variations of Tube Tools available, choose your required Tube Removal tool.

Pneumatic Tube Spinner
Pulling Speed upto 30m per minute
Satndard Configuration 1" nonferrous tubes
Air Consumption 2 X 2800 I/min - 2 x 95 cfm
Air Pressure 6.2 bar - 90 psi
Motor Power 2 x 3.5 Hp
Weight 50 kg
Size 140 x 200 x 350 mm
Pnematic Tube Removal Spinner

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pneumatic Tube Removal Tools

Pneumatic Tube Spinner is designed to remove and flatten non ferrous tubes from ⅝” to 1.¼” O.D. The system can also be used to extract ferrous tubes from ⅝” to 1.½” O.D. using special shaped rolls sized to fit each tube.

Usually, the Tools and Machinery delivery is completed ex stock.

1 year of warranty is available on mechanical components for manufacturing defects and the after-sales support is available worldwide*

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