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Flexible Shaft Machine (Electrically Driven)

  • FLEXIBLE SHAFT MACHINE is a self-contained portable unit, mounted on a 3-wheel trolley, fitted with a carrying handle.
  • It incorporates a directly coupled, totally enclosed squirrel cage, 2800 rpm. continuously rated electric motor.
  • Selecting the H.P. of the motor depends upon length and size of flexible shaft and nature of scaling.
  • It is controlled by a push button starter which is provided with three thermal adjustable overload relays.
  • Each machine is fully wired, carefully tested and is fitted with a 10-feet length of PVC Cable to main supply.
  • Longer cable can be supplied upon request.
  • Please consult us if your electric supply is different from listed below.
  • Motors for alternate supplies are also available.

Technical Data

Model NO. Motor H.P Speed (RPM) Electric Supply
TTC -30 3 2800 440V
TTC-50 5 3 PHASE
TTC-75 7.5 50Hz


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