TTWA Type Cutter Heads

Sugar Mill Cutter Heads


  • TTWA TYPE CUTTER HEADS for Tubes/Pipes 1.1/2”-4” (38.1mm - 101.6mm) I.D.
  • These Cutter Heads produce excellent results in curved or straight tubes.
  • Pivoted arms of Cutter Heads swing out by centrifugal force so that the cutters contact every part of the tube wall.

Technical Data

Model No. Tube I.D. Cone Cutter set(3) Spare Spindle Universal Joint
mm inch Model No. Model No. Model No.
TWA-12 38.1 1.1/2 TWAL-1 TWAA-1 TWAUJ-1
TWA-14 44.5 1.3/4 TWAL-1 TWAA-1 TWAUJ-1
TWA-16 51 2 TWAL-1 TWAA-1 TWAUJ-1
TWA-18 57.1 2.1/4 TWAL-2 TWAA-1 TWAUJ-2
TWA-20 63.5 2.1/2 TWAL-2 TWAA-1 TWAUJ-2
TWA-22 70 2.3/4 TWAL-2 TWAA-1 TWAUJ-2
TWA-24 76.2 3 TWAL-3 TWAA-2 TWAUJ-2
TWA-28 88.9 3.1/2 TWAL-3 TWAA-2 TWAUJ-2
TWA-32 101.6 4 TWAL-4 TWAA-2 TWAUJ-2


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