Economies of Scale Industrial plants generate a large amount of heat while processing raw material to finished goods. This heat must be expelled from the system to keep the system functional. ...
Similarly, to economize the use of fuel and electricity to raise the temperature of working fluids is also necessary. Over the ages metal tubes used to transfer heat have been deduced as highly efficient.
Modern process equipment uses tubes to transfer heat and remove it from the system or to raise the temperature of water. Rarely there is use of Fire tube Boilers, since they are accident prone.
A heat exchanger is a type of process equipment or vessel that is used to transfer heat to the desired medium. A shell and tube type heat exchanger is the most common type of this vessel.
The Tube is fitted onto the tube sheet hole by the method called tube expansion. Tube expanders tools reduce the wall thickness and mould the tube on the tube sheet walls.
Tubes vary in diameters, wall thickness and material as per the vessel's design and application. For Example, the walls of a Condenser tube are relatively thinner as compared to boiler tubes. The boiler tube expander and condenser tube expanders would thus be manufactured for the range of tubes as per their application.
A heat exchanger tube expander will likely have a design suited for thinner wall tubes with softer materials.
Boilers and Sugar Mill Process Equipment with Thick Tube Walls and Space Restrictions require Customised Tube Expansion Tools and Accessories.
Tritorc also provides the various mandrel sets and Roll sets required to replace worn out components. We also provide Tube expanders with adjustable ranges and different roll lengths. Customised tube tools for access challenges in various orientations are provided by Tritorc.
Flaring rolls are integrated with the expanding rolls to make the tool multipurpose
Heat Exchanger and Condenser tubes with varied characteristics are covered in the vast portfolio of Tritorc's vast Tube Expander Series.
- Tube Sheet Thicknesses
- Tube Materials
- Tube Wall Thicknesses
- Inner Diameters

Experience advantageous features such as the following:
- Better Longevity of tube expander tools
- A Prestigious Clientele of Trusting Customers preferring Tritorc Tools
- Tools are supplied Promptly Ex Stock
- Variable Number of Rollers
- Vast range of tubes covered
- Competitively priced
- Customizable Options for Unique Applications and Space/Access Restrictions.
- Functions such as Tube Flaring, Expansion, Rerolling, Beading Covered.
Tritorc's Heat Exchanger Tube Expander tools are compatible with the Tube expansion systems and Drives manufactured by Tritorc.
The Tube expander machine price provided by Tritorc is industry standard and worth its quality and longevity in working hours.
When you ask for a quotation, you can rest assured to receive the best tube expander tool price from the best tube expander manufacturer. You can choose your required tube expander tool from our product brochure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tube Expander Tools

When a new tube is installed, the tube walls are expanded against the walls of the tube sheet using the tube expanders and the walls are made thinner, some tools suchas tube grooving tools ensure that the tube material is expanded into the tube sheet grooves, ensuring a tight fit. certain tube expanders also have tube flaring rollers, that flare the ends the tube against the tube sheet ensure that the gap between the tube sheet and tube are removed.

The Boiler tubes usually have a thicker wall as compared to the heat exchanger and condenser tubes this necessitates the use of specially built tube expanders that can sufficiently expand tube walls against the tube sheet.

Tritorc can ship tube tools Ex Stock and for customized orders it can ship 4 weeks maximum for its tube tools. We provide upto 6 months warranties against manufacturing defects for mechanical components.

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