Rapid Removal of Tubes without Damaging the Tube Sheet
The Tubes are the principle components in a Shell and Tube sheet type Heat Exchangers and other types of Process Equipment vessels such as Boilers, Reheaters, Condensers, Evaporators, Chillers, etc. ...
These tubes perform the tasks of transferring heat from one medium to the other. Large amounts of fluids pass through them on a regular basis. Thus the tubes wearing out over time is a given.

The tubes face several modes of failure such as the following:
Thermal stresses
Cross contamination with feed water
Scale deposit build up
pH level of water

Damage tubes are an obstacle to the efficient functioning of the Heat Exchanger. This can be a hazard to the safety of the personnel and equipment.
Non functional tubes must be removed to eliminate the possibility of any productivity loss or damage to the equipment.
Various tube removal tools are used to extract the damaged tubes and tube stubs from the heat exchangers.

Tritorc offers the following array of tools:
Tube Pulling systems
1) Tube Spinner
2) Master Tugger Pump and Hydraulic Stub Puller
3) Continuous Hydraulic Tube Pullers

Internal Tube Cutter:
1) One Turn type Internal Tube Cutter
2) TATP Series Push type Internal Tube Cutter - Internal tube Cutter for heat exchangers
3) TB 68 Series Internal Tube Cutter - Internal Boiler Tube Cutter

The Internal Tube Cutters puncture and shear the tube on the internal circumference of the tube and quickly cuts it. This is followed by the removal of the tube. The internal tube cutting machines can be used with portable electric or air drill motors with their square drive.
Tube Pulling systems extract and remove the tube or tube stubs that are difficult to remove.

The Tube Spinner uses a geared tube extraction system using an air motor. This tool works rapidly and is a well suited system for hazardous explosive environments. Tritorc is one of the finest seller of tube removal tools.
The Continuous Tube Pulling System consists of several tools and systems that work together.
1) Spring Balancers - Supports the tube pulling gun by suspending it
2) Pneumatic Impact wrenches- Work with impact sockets to insert and lock the tube pulling tools into the tube internal diameter.
3) Hydraulic Pump- Pneumatic air motor driven hydraulic pump power the tube pulling gun
4) Tube pulling gun- The reciprocating mechanism of the tube pulling gun pulls the tube from the tube sheet without damaging it. This system is thus called the continuous tube puller system
5) Pine jenny style tube pullers - The pine jenny type tube pulling tools lock into the tube's internal diameter with serrated edges. They have a square drive that helps them to interface with the impact wrenches.
The Master Tugger is an Electric high pressure Hydraulic Pump that powers an hydraulic pulling gun that extracts tube stubs.
These tube cutting and pulling system can function as
Boiler Tube Puller
Heat exchanger tube puller
Walls of ferrous tubes and non ferrous tubes with various materials can be serviced.
The diameter and the wall thickness of the tube must be accounted for while selecting the appropriate tool

Frequently Asked Questions

Tube Removal Tools

Tubes in a heat exchanger are generally made from steel alloys and non ferrous alloys, these tube vary in diameter and thickness. The tubes on usage with the type of fluid used in them, corrode or have sediment build up and need cleaning. in severe conditions they might get damaged dut to various conditions such as hydraulic hammer, fissures, etc. In such instances they must be replaced as they might pose a danger to the process equipment.

Tritorc’s manufacturing and assembly plant for Tube Tools is located in W 104, Ravi Industries, Additonal MIDC, Anand Nagar, Ambernath (East) - 421506, Dist. -Thane.

Tritorc can ship tube tools Ex Stock and for customized orders it can ship 4 weeks maximum for its tube tools. We provide upto 6 months warranties against manufacturing defects for mechanical components.

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