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Construction & Infrastructures

  • Construction and Infrastructure play a significant role in developing and improving the country’s standard of living. It plays an essential role in growing the economy by facilitating primary requirements like roads, bridges, highways, metro bridges, tunnels, airways, etc.
  • Our area of expertise are providing bolting solution to structures and equipment that are subjected to constant vibration and dynamic loads. We have successfully executed our core activities on applications such as tower cranes, Crane Foundation Bolts, Crane Joints, Surge Vessels, Deck Cranes, Planetary Drive Gear Solutions, Crane Turret Bolts, Structural Bolting, excavators, bulldozers, dragline excavators, pile boring machines, etc.
  • Our services are contributed in the construction of underground railway tunnels, metro bridges, airports, shipping ports, waterlines, stadiums and healthcare institutions.
  • Tritorc equipment such as hydraulic torque wrenches, torque multiplier, pneumatic torque wrenches, and electric torque wrenches are preferred by the Industry leaders in the construction & infrastructure sector.