Oil & Gas

  • It is essential to have a leak free joint when it comes to oil and gas industry where liquid or gaseous components varying in compression and temperature is being transported through innumerable pipelines. Hence it is necessary to understand what causes leaks and what must be taken into account.
  • Two of the fundamental activities for ensuring Leak Free Joints are Refacing and Controlled Bolting. Tritorc Multi-skilled group of Technicians are well-versed in bolting & refacing operations and we adhere to the highest of quality and integrity standards.
  • Tritorc, with its array of tools & equipment, provides solution to certain core maintenance activities for the oil and gas industry. Our area of expertise are controlled bolting, pipe-cutting, on-site machining, online leak-sealing, hot-tapping, hydrotesting, etc.
  • Along with the Pipeline based services, we also provide maintenance to heat exchangers and boilers. Our area of expertise with respect to heat exchangers and boilers are retubing, tube expansion, tube pulling, cutting, tube facing, etc.
  • We have successfully executed our core activities on applications such as Control valve, Flange Bolts, Gas Conduct, Gas Flow Reducer, Jam Nut Shell Refinery Reactor, Operating Valve, Pressure valve, Reaction Frame, Retaining Wrench on Lock Nut, Scrubber Cover, Generator dome, Reaction top Mainway vapor line, Reactor Mainway Cover, Stripping Tower, Gas Generation Furnace, Plant Static Mixer, Plant Reactor Up head, Centrifugal Pump, High Pressure Flange, Gas Compressor, heat exchangers, boilers and many more.
  • Tritorc equipment such as hydraulic torque wrenches, top-side bolt tensioners, cold cutting & bevelling machines, flange facing machines, non-sparking tools, flange spreader, nut splitter and tube-tools are preferred by the Industry leaders in the oil and gas sector.
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