Multi Stage Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners

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multi stage hydraulic bolt tensioner
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multi stage hydraulic bolt tensioner
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multi stage hydraulic bolt tensioner



In space restricted locations with large lod requirements, conventional bolt tensioners do not easily fit. To overcome this limitation Tritorc, with its line of multistage load tensioners offer you benefits such as the following:

  • Over stroke safety alarm
  • Durable composite material seal kit – made of Bronze Teflon
  • Auto Retract Piston
  • Optional Gear Drive
Metric Imperial
Minimum Tensioning Load Range 464 KN  
Maximum Tensioning Load Range 1231 KN  
Maximum Rated Pressure 1350 Bar (19575 PSI)
Minimum Bolt Size Serviced M 27 1.⅛ Inches
Maximum Bolt Size Serviced M 64 2.5 Inches
Number of Tool Models 7
Minimum Working Stroke 7 mm 0.275 Inches
Maximum Working Stroke 10 mm 0.393 Inches

Why Use Tritorc's Multi Stage Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner

Below is the interactive Three Dimensional Model and the advantageous features that Tritorc's Multi Stage hydraulic bolt tensioner provides.

puller sleeve top for hydraulic bolt tensioner
Over Stroke Alarming Mark

The End cap is designed to bear high back pressure. This allows the piston operation to be smooth and the forward force is applied properly. A red marked line denotes an over-stroke, warning the user to stop the hydraulic pressure.

piston bottom for hydraulic bolt tensioner
Auto Retract Piston

The automatically retracting piston allows for a quicker operation.

multi stage hydraulic bolt tensioner
nut rotator for hydraulic bolt tensioner
Spring-Loaded Nut Engagement

The spring-loaded nut runner automatically engages the nut once the profile matches.

gear holder for hydraulic bolt tensioner
Gear Drive

The gear drive provides a mechanical advantage, while using a manual torque wrench to rotate the nut.

multi stage hydraulic bolt tensioner

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Frequently Asked Questions

Multi Stage Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner

multi stage hydraulic bolt tensioner

Note: The Dimensional Data relevant to the daigram above is available in the catalogue.

Yes, we offer a 1-year warranty for mechanical components against manufacturing defects in the hydraulic bolt tensioning equipment

Usually the delivery of the Hydraulic Tensioning tools is completed ex stock. The quick connect couplings and pumps are also supplied along the tensioning tools in standard scope of supply.

The height of piston stroke ranges from 8 to 10 mm. Higher strokes and loading capacity are available on request for the hydraulic bolt tensioning tools.

We use heat-treated aircraft-grade raw materials to manufacture our multi stage tensioner tools

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner Specification

There are many variations of Bolt Tensioner available, choose your required Bolt Tensioning tool. When you ask us for a quotation be rest assured for the best hydraulic bolt tensioner price. Select the best suited variant from your application from our product brochure.

Model Bolt Diameter The Min. Length of Thread The Max. Length of Thread Working
Bolt Distance Max. Load Outside Diameter Min. height
mm in mm mm mm mm kn mm mm
MST-M30 M30 1-1/8" 62 69 7 66 464 73 276
MST-M33 M33 1-1/4" 66 73 9 72 583 78 295
MST-M36 M36 1-3/8" 75 82 9 77 677 84 326
MST-M39 M39 1-1/2" 78 88 10 83 805 90 360
MST-M42 M30 1-5/8" 83 91 10 89 926 96 357
MST-M45 M42 1-3/4" 87 96 10 96 1091 105 371
MST-M48 M48 1-7/8" 93 102 10 102 1231 110 387


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