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Tritorc’s commitment to the Success story of ‘Make in India’ drives us to indigenise and integrate the manufacturing abilities in India. Tritorc has set up a state of the art manufacturing facility in heart Industrial Pune. ...
Tritorc is the largest provider of Services such as Controlled Bolting, In-situ Machining, and Retubing, Tube Cleaning, Hot Tapping, and Tube Installation originating in India.

Tritorc is amongst the select few manufacturers of amongst many other cutting edge equipment the following:
- Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
- Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners
- Tube Tools
- Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machines

A well oiled production team ensures our Ex-Stock is completely prepared to meet client expectations. Our design team is ever poised to provide customised solutions for critical applications.
The Tools manufactured by Tritorc, are designed in our design house with veteran industry specialists. The tools pass through meticulous quality control at all stages of manufacturing. Third party quality control Teams also provide the requisite documentation and quality checks required for us to assure you of a quality product.

Our products provide the following advantages:
- Dimensional Accuracy
- Long hours of operation
- Prompt supply of spares for components falling wear and tear
- Complete kit required to operate the tool in the standard scope of supply.
- Competitive pricing
- Prompt delivery from Ex-Stock
- Upto a year of warranty for mechanical components
A diverse and widespread distributor network and partner affiliates throughout the world ensure that the shortest time required for the tool to reach our customers is maintained.
Our technical experts can also offer on site visits to study critical applications to determine the exact requirements and seamlessly coordinate with the design teams to provide customised solutions.
When you ask us for a quotation, you can be rest assured of receiving the best price for the tool that you seek. You may choose your required product according to your application requirement from our product brochure or browse our website.

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