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Nivafer Steel Construction Company is a leading structural steel engineering, fabrication and erection outfit offering unparalleled engineering and construction services to the oil and gas industry alongside other steel and allied industries.

Today, Nivafer’s ranking as a major player in high precision structural steel fabrication & erection is a direct consequence of our established track records of competence and reliability in the delivery of quality products and services.

AGP Project

Project Date:February 2020
Client's Name:NSCC
Location:Lagos, Nigeria
Value: 270,000$


Nivapher got this project in 2016. Nivapher floated the Expression of Interest followed by Request for Quotations to selected renowned plant maintenance, controlled bolting, cold cutting services companies including TRITORC. This project was also of strategic importance for TRITORC to strengthen relations with Nivapher and to present in Nigeria Region for over 10 years now. Right after award, TRITORC, started shutdown preparations to demonstrate that it always delivers the projects within schedule time and budget while maintaining the highest Quality and Safety Standards. This involved the activities of On-site Flange lifting, pipe cold cutting and Hydrotesting and controlled bolting services for TRITORC.

The TRITORC Scope of Work (SOW) involved a large number of such “Challenges”, but not limited to the following:

  • Cold Cutting and weld edge preparation works using TRITORC cold cutting machines of approx 300+ pipes.
  • Controlled bolting using TRITORC torqueing / tensioning equipments of over 1500+ bolted joints.
  • Hydrotesting of Many valves.


TRITORC prepared detailed Task Risk Assessment (TRA) for following activities so that each worker working on these activities can understand risks involved:

  • Hot Bolting, Bolt Torqueing / Tensioning (Hydraulic & Manual) activities
  • Cold Cutting activities
  • Hydrotesting Activities