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NNPC-OB3 Project

Oilserv Limited, The Oilserv Group is An Engineering, Oil & Gas, Power, Agricultural & Minning Conglomorate The Group's Operations Span A Gamut of Verticals, From Oil & Gas, Agriculture, And Minning. Oilserv Group Has Played and Continues to Play A Prominent Role in The Industrialization Story of Nigeria.

EPC of OB3 Gas transmission Pipeline system LOT B (67 km x 48-inch), which starts from the Intermediate Pigging station at Umukwata (around KP 63.45) in Delta State and terminates at Oben Node in Edo State

OB3 Project

Project:OB3 project& OBOB project
Client's Name:Oilserv Limited
Location:Edo state, Nigeria
Value: 180,000$ total


The TRITORC Scope of Work (SOW) involved a large number of such “Challenges”, but not limited to the following;

  • Supplying of Bolt Torqueing/Tensioning Tool
  • Flange Alignment and Hydraulic Jacks
  • Controlled bolting using TRITORC torqueing / tensioning equipments of over 1000+ bolted joints


TRITORC prepared detailed Task Risk Assessment (TRA) for following activities so that each worker working on these activities can understand risks involved and successfully executed operations like:

  • Bolt Torqueing / Tensioning (Hydraulic & Manual) operations
  • Cold Cutting and flange alignment operations
  • Hydrotesting operations

Hence, we have successfully executed the enlisted operations with highly skilled technicians.

As per our Great performance and good relationship, we are going to support Oilserv Group in most popular AKK pipeline project in Nigeria.