Onsite miling service

On-Site Milling Services

Fabrication, Construction, and Machining have varying degrees of accuracy tolerance. Machining is relatively the most accurate method. To overcome alignment challenges, one would require this accuracy to be delivered when & where desired.

TRITORC MIDDLE EAST now possesses the capabilities to provide qualified & experienced Machinist along with suitable machines to carry out Linear and gantry Type On-Site Milling Operations. Our Milling Solutions is best suited for applications that demand flat surfaces meeting the required tight tolerances.

Our Onsite portable milling solution finds utility in applications such as the following:

  • Heat Exchanger Repair Works.
  • Motor and Pump Mounting Base Pads.
  • Crane Pedestals.
  • Steel Mill Housings.
  • Turbine Split Line Machining.
  • Shaft keyways.
  • Special Applications upon request.

Tritorc Portable milling machine can be mobilized to the site and directly mounted on the workpiece for the operation.

This assists in saving time and costs associated with the need significant transport and dismantling of individual parts of the structure.

Case Studies

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