Re-tubing Service


Re-tubing is a service associated to the Maintenance and refurbishment of Heat Exchangers, Fin Fan Coolers, Boilers, Chillers and Condensers.

Heat exchanger tubes are constantly expanding and contracting as they heat up and cool down during normal operations. Depending on the application, salt water scale, calcium, lime and other contaminants can compound the problem, leading to even faster deterioration. Over time, these factors inevitably lead to failure and the tubes must be replaced.

TRITORC specialized in high producing re-tubing tools packages, technical assistance, planning, specification, procedures, contractor support and turnkey services to the level and circumstances necessary for particular project. We provides complete On-site / workshop support for Exchanger re-tubing. 

We offer Replacement of Tubes in Heat Exchanger, Coolers and Surface Condensers. We offer this service for both "U" Tube and Straight Tube equipment. We have highly qualified, skilled and experienced Engineers and Technicians to carry out Removal of Old tubes, Surface Preparation of Tube Sheets, Insertion of New Tubes, tube to tube sheet expansion, Tube to Tube Sheet welding as per the customer's requirement.

In every heat exchanger re-tubing process, we try to upgrade the tubing for improved energy efficiency. In many cases a better alloy will give you a prolonged life span of the unit. We will work with you to find the right balance of performance and durability for your specific application.

We furnish our services to maintenance contractor, OEM’s and ultimately to Oil & Gas Industry.

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