Pipe Cutting Machine - 22" to 48"

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When a precise length of pipe needs to be cut or prepared for welding then usual methods of cutting or bevelling pipes will not be enough. A portable machining platform that can easily fit on pipes in constrained spaces with complex geometries is required for such tasks. With Tritorc’s Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machines (TTCB) you shall benefit from the following:

  • A safe spark free operation cold cutting machine.
  • Pneumatic, Electric, Servo Motor, and Hydraulic Drives are available.
  • Accuracy of dimensions cut by the machine due to a strong and stable platform.
  • Split Frame Construction of the pipe bevelling machine allows ease of access into tight spaces.
Metric Imperial
Minimum Diameter of Pipe Cut by the Machines 558 mm 22 Inches
Maximum Diameter of Pipe Cut by the Machines 1219 mm 48 Inches
Maximum Diameter Cut by the Machines 30 mm 1.18 Inches
Minimum Weight of Machine 125 Kgs 275 Lbs.
Maximum Weight of Machine 176 Kgs 388 Lbs.
Number of Machine Models 9  

Why Use Tritorc's TTCB Pipe Cutting Machine

Below is the interactive Three Dimensional Model and the advantageous features that Tritorc's TTCB Pipe Cutter Machine provides

End Cap for Pipe Cutting Machine
Spark Free/ Flame Free

In conditions where spontaneous combustion is a concern the Cold Cutting Tools are a chosen Option. Fully enclosed bearings help for an additionally safe and durable operation.

Splined Shaft Square Drive for Pipe Cutting Machine
Better Finish

The finish offered by the Cold Pipe cutting machine is better than the same operations being carried out by Gas cutting, Plasma Cutting, or Angle Grinder Cutting.

Pipe Cutting & bevelling Machine
Pipe Cutting Machine
Bevelling and Cutting done Simultaneously

Tritorc's automatic pipe cutting machines have tool posts that can allow for usage of cutting tool bits that can perform cutting and bevelling at the same time.

Pipe Cutting Machine
Better Mobility

The lightweight aluminium/steel alloy body of the portable pipe cutting and bevelling machine with its Split Frame Tool Body allows for the machine to be moved around in narrow spaces before pipe cold cutting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pipe Cutting Machine TTCB

TTCB Pipe Cutting Machine

Note: The Dimensional Data relevant to the diagram above is available in the catalogue.

Depending on the Pipe Size, Types of Pipe Material, Pipe Category, Whether Electrical power supply, or Pneumatic Air Compressor is available; the task can be completed at a fast pace for welding preparations

Depending upon the amount of space available the pipe cutting machine can be used in any position to obtain the desired pipe machining results. TTCB is a heavy-duty pipe cutting machine suitable for pipes with large thickness and pipe diameters

Yes, Tritorc offers a 1 year warranty for mechanical parts against manufacturing defects and after sales services are available worldwide for the best cold pipe cutting and bevelling machines. Expect the best pipe cutting machine price

Pipe Cutting Machine Specification

There are many variations of Pipe Cutting Machine available, select your required Pipe Cutting Equipment from our product brochure.or the chart below. When you ask for a quotation, be rest assured of the best heavy duty pipe cutter prices from the finest pipe cutting machine manufacturers in India.

Model No Range Machine ID
Machine OD
TTCB-12 6"x12" 340 501 85.5 152.7 68.95
TTCB-14 8"-14" 381 552 75.85
TTCB-16 10"-16" 431 602 87.1
TTCB-20 14"-20" 534 705 97.6
TTCB-24 18"-24" 635 806 113.1
TTCB-28 22"-28" 774 945 127.9
TTCB-30 24"-30" 787 958 128.3
TTCB-34 28"-34" 926 1097 144.8
TTCB-36 30"-36" 938 1109 146.6
TTCB-42 36"-42" 1096 1267 163.2
TTCB-48 42"-48" 1256 1427 179


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