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flange facing machine
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flange facing machine
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flange facing machine



The two pipes are connected with mechanical members called flanges, they allow for reliable temporary joints when the interface between the flanges is occupied by suitable gaskets and the bolting operations are completed properly. To ensure the gaskets sit on the flanges reliably even under high fluid pressure the flanges must be machined optimally. With Tritorc's Internal Diameter Mounted Flange Facing Machine (TTFF Series) the following benefits are obtained.

  • The flange facing tool has versatile Machining abilities
  • Serrated Gramophone like Finish to flanges.
  • Accuracy of dimensions ensured by a stable machining platform.
  • Reduced Noise during operation by the portable flange facers.
Metric Imperial
Minimum Diameter of Pipe Flanges Machined 50.8 mm 2 Inches
Maximum Diameter of Pipe Flanges Machined 3048 mm 120 Inches
Minimum Speed 12 RPM
Maximum Speed 42 RPM
Minimum T ool post Stroke 50 mm 2 Inches
Maximum Tool post Stroke 102 mm 4 Inches
Minimum Weight 45 Kgs 99.20 Lbs.
Maximum Weight 1375 Kgs 3031 Lbs.
Minimum Drive Power 1.2 HP
Maximum Drive Power 4.6 HP
Number of Machine Models 4

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Frequently Asked Questions

TTFF Flange Facing Machine

TTFF Flange Facing Machine

Note: The Dimensional Data relevant to the diagram above is available in the catalogue.

Custom-made sizes will be available on the customer's request up to 178”(4500 mm) Tritorc also provide manual flange facing machines

Usually the delivery of the Tools and Machinery is completed ex-stock for the Flange facing equipment as Tritorc is one of the prime flange facing machine manufacturers.

Yes, Tritorc offers a 1 year warranty for mechanical parts against manufacturing defects and after sales services are available worldwide for the best cold pipe cutting and bevelling machines. With Tritorc portable flange facing machines rental is available and we have flange facing machine for sale.

Pipe Cutting Machine Specification

There are many variations of Pipe Facing Machine available, choose your required Flange Facing Equipment. When you ask for a quotation, be rest assured of the best heavy duty pipe cutter prices. Select the machine suited to your requirement from our product brochure.

Model No Working Range Weight
Inch mm
TTFF-3 1-3 25-75 -
TTFF-6 2-6 50-159 41.5
TTFF-9 3-8 80-230 42.5
TTFF-10 4-10 100-250 44.5
TTFF-12 6-12 150-300 53
TTFF-14 8-14 200-350 56
TTFF-16 10-16 250-400 60
TTFF-18 12-18 300-450 65.5
TTFF-20 14-20 350-500 77
TTFF-22 16-22 400-560 79
TTFF-24 18-24 450-600 85
TTFF-26 20-26 508-660 96
TTFF-28 22-28 550-710 114
TTFF-30 24-30 600-760 116
TTFF-32 26-32 660-810 120.5
TTFF-36 30-36 760-910 144.5
TTFF-42 36-42 910-1060 197.5
TTFF-48 42-48 1060-1210 236
TTFF-56 48-56 1210-1420  


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