hydro testing

Hydro testing

With reliable pressurizing equipment and recording devices, safe and methodical pressure testing is carried out by filling process equipment with water and pressurizing it 1.25 to 1.50 times the design pressure or as per client specification.

This is carried out to ensure vessel and pipe integrity while under sustained pressure.



Dewatering & dry air flushing

Dewatering and Dry Air flushing

Drying is the process of removing moisture or other liquids from the pipeline. This is typically done after hydrostatic testing or before commissioning a new pipeline.

Different methods, such as using dry air may be employed to accelerate the drying process.




nitrogen purging & preservation

Nitrogen Purging & Preservation

This process is used to displace oxygen and other toxic gases for the safety of the line and to avoid corrosion.

Here, as per the client’s requirement nitrogen is preserved in the pipeline or process equipment at the required pressure.

Tritorc also specializes in controlled bolting and flange management services. We have a proven track record of ensuring high safety joint integrity

while maintaining negligible leakage for the pipe joints. Post Flange management activities, we can proceed with the following services.

nitrogen helium leak test

Nitrogen Helium Leak Test

On hydrocarbon process equipment and pipelines, a combined Nitrogen and Helium gas mixture is used (with 99% Nitrogen & 1% Helium) to detect leaks due to the inert nature of the gases used, wherein nitrogen and helium are both neutral gases and helium can pass through the smallest of leaks and is detectable using specialized instruments such as mass spectrometers.

This is a sensitive leak detection method used to identify even small leaks in pipelines or other systems.

Whereas, on Non-Hydrocarbon Lines, a pure nitrogen leak test is preferred. Nitrogen testing is performed to assess the pressure tightness and integrity of pipelines. Nitrogen gas is used to pressurize the pipeline, and the pressure is monitored to detect any leaks or weaknesses in the system and flange joints, and other connections

Commissioning Pipelines can be carried out post the inspection of the pipelines and process equipment ensuring practically absent leakages per year.

lube oil flushing

Lube Oil Flushing

Tritorc additionally provides services that cover Stainless steel pipes near Gas Turbines and Compressors with Lube Oil Flushing and Chemical Cleaning of Carbon steel pipes.







pneumatic testing

Pneumatic Testing

A safe and planned execution of Pneumatic testing of process equipment and pipes can be carried out 1.1 times the design pressure or as per client specification







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